Day 83 – forgiving past

I may have written bout this before. About picking up crumbles of past stories, tracing the dried blood from past wounds that never turned to dust, sniffing drawn images of past emotion that never completely turn to rock. But it is more like picking up a number from shuffled bowl, unparticular. Every piece picked had become nothing but fading colors, sliding off my fingers i cant never contain as a story to tell. But i suppose it is better that way. 



Day 57- let go and let flow

There was a time when everything felt passing so fast, except me, so i rush and urge, tried to catch up. Then come the time when everything is still passing fast, but i stop and take my own pace, then everything falls into a perfect rhythm. i can hear the flowers bloom, the sunlight pinches my skin. I am present at every moment. 10469163_10152631536522845_5396916988655618085_o

for a moment

when i am in his arms, everything seems right, the universe seems to be in align  to grant my unspoken wishes

when i look into his eyes, i want to preserve the moment, i resist the coming minutes when everything….starts to fade into cluster saved in my memories box

i was there before…for hundred times it seems…tho

for a moment…….it feels new still

when i kissed his lips, time seems touching my back shoulder as if saying ” i am here, and i will take you away” 

for a moment….. 


those moments (of the rain, alternative rock music and I)

When i was sitting in the bus for a long ride. Music was loud in my ears; playing Muse, Radiohead and Tool, and it rained outside. Water pearls were racing on the window. Time seemed relative, as my mind was breaking loose; wild and happy. Like little kid playing with mud, she was dancing within ideas, throwing silly questions and remarks bout random stuff. i didnt bother with pen and paper, enjoying her free beauty; didnt want to put her in a box and  trap her in definition.

When i was on waiting mode, sitting inside a crowded room. Music was loud in my ears; playing Muse, Radiohead and Pearl Jam. Everyone there was just like me, waiting for the wall of water to eventually break all down, so we can move on, dry. Time seemed relative, as i let my mind sitting next to me, and together drawn in quietness, simply enjoying the sight of nature doing its thing.

When i was sitting next to the glass wall, expecting some people to show up. Knowing that the rain must have slowed them down to be on time. Music was loud in my ears; playing Muse, Radiohead and Linkin Park. Time seemed relative, that i forgot where i am what i am doing, hypnotized by the moving image of people rushing in and out between parking lot and the restaurant. Like watching repeating TV show thru huge screen.

those moments (of the rain, alternative rock music and I)

when i wished no one would poke me

reminded time to reclaim its potent