Day 109 – i almost forgot

that this is life, till i feel this ache inside my heart,

once again from

false loves.



Day 106 – Am I dead?


his shadow bores me, his wordplay bores me, no mystery anymore in the beauty he paints, too fragile, too vulnerable, too graceful, his kisses are probably getting boring, no more after flavor, nothing linger. i cant feel the sharpness of his words that still dripping in my head, they dont tickle me down there anymore, they dont make me come anymore.

expectation (the other)

once in a while

in wide world of blue

i seem to find what what i’m

looking for …


the light was high

thoughts ripped the sky open

lost in redefinition of

happiness and existence

love and emptiness


like clouds playing with shapes

as if they cant really decide

what they really are

till they vapor

and become no more


wide world of blue

ancient and bored

where shadows are molded

within sun’s cape

everything is temporary



once in a while

in wide world of blue

i seem to find what i’m

looking for…


then the souls still go on

with the quest