Day 104 – the future

I dont see kids running around in the park. I dont see their bright smile and stare from under my breasts. I dont see anything but that female figure standing at the tip of a cliff far above the clouds as if listening to the stories told by the moon. And the urge, is to be with her.


Day 22 – “Lalalalalala…..happiness is a place to be?”

I have made a statement once that i dont plan to be a saint. I expected people to allow me to make mistakes, that i can fall, that i can hurt other people, not that i would do it intentionally, just make mistakes. But then, to realize that i still struggle with jealousy, prejudice, to easily fall into that negative circle still makes me sad. I still wish i can have that automatic stop before i fall, before the words came out of my mouth, before action were made.

To be at peace with anything at all, that serene feeling, not necessarily big laughter dancing thru the nights.

Day 18 – loving lies

she took some steps back, far enough she thought to be able to see, the image she thought she is working on. Her heavy breath keeps leaving traces as if reminding her to stay living. Once awhile she feels tickle on the tips of her fingers. It s the tips of the flame inside her trying to find the way out to do the drawing. But she knows too well, she can not let that happen. She knows too well, watching the dust line she created pains her more. But she knows too well, she will never have that image done, cuz even her steps will burn it to dust.


Day 2 – Don’t come back to me!

Don’t ask me to go sliding on the rainbow that only exists in our memories
I am no longer that girl who was just learning to kiss
who was dazed by the first touch on her breasts.
I am the woman who is doing her best to stand up right
still dreaming of a home on the moon.
Flush away the old wounds to live the present.

Don’t come back to me!
Only to reclaim the sparks that had long died
We surrendered in the battle
Lets cherish what once ours.

i miss home

the moon. i need to find the way back to that rainbow where i can cross and be home. i miss home, my castle in the sky with 365 rooms to explore. but the earth wont stop spinning i m losing my way. my heart is so dusty i am no longer able to see my way home. i miss home, i can hear it howling in vain. and the earth spins faster and faster. i miss dipping inside the lake where the only sound i hear is serenity and the stars are within the reach of my fingertip.