Day 104 – the future

I dont see kids running around in the park. I dont see their bright smile and stare from under my breasts. I dont see anything but that female figure standing at the tip of a cliff far above the clouds as if listening to the stories told by the moon. And the urge, is to be with her.



day 101 – the silent weirdo


when i am happy, deeply content happy, i see colors running thru my fingers in the open air, i see the moon giggling,

when i am down,  i see my self behind an invisible cloak or breathing under water,

when i am excited, i see my self bouncing like bubbles, i see my self harvesting lollipop tree, swirling down rainbows,

when i am anxious, the ground feels like cracking for me, my lung shrinks i can not breathe,

when i am in control, i speak the common language so i can be understood, but yet still….the images in my head would be racing and jumping up and down, bouncing for recognition, that is the time when i lost control and people around me will fade away.

so i choose to shush, just listening and seeing in my mind those normal words  turns into images. And that is how i perceive the world.

Day 42 – Denials

why does it have to be so rough? why does it have to be so dark or blind white? i want to be the process not the result. i want to be the journey not the destination. but we are all the creatures of definitions. we are all what we perceived we are, we are just perspectives taking shapes. and i just have to have a name.


prince charming

i am his new handmaiden, carrying his mirror around, straightening his bending shadow to keep its perfect line and glow, his smile could rape the hearts out of angels, his gesture….demons would wish to posses. His words shine like gold, but i got to pick up the broken echos. He loves to dance under the spotlight, then the world would rotate around him, only his shadow would come and sit next to me. Thru the mirror he would smile back at me and i would look away. Thru the mirror i wish i can help him finding what he is looking for. Only his shadow knows me too well, with his heart shines like sapphire, fixing his own wreckage. And that s when he becomes my muse, and i am his handmaiden.