Day 18 – loving lies

she took some steps back, far enough she thought to be able to see, the image she thought she is working on. Her heavy breath keeps leaving traces as if reminding her to stay living. Once awhile she feels tickle on the tips of her fingers. It s the tips of the flame inside her trying to find the way out to do the drawing. But she knows too well, she can not let that happen. She knows too well, watching the dust line she created pains her more. But she knows too well, she will never have that image done, cuz even her steps will burn it to dust.



to define

my love is raw and wild 

it s okay if you cant tame it

it takes an iron soul to go crossing the heart that is a hollow 

follow the sound of the lonely drum that is where i dance 

my love is fluid and fragile

it s okay if it keeps slipping thru you 

it meant to keep flowing unless you are ready to be drown to contain it

my love is life and fire 

it s not to be understood but to live within the heart of the flame