who i am for me

it is always interesting the way people seem to try to build perspective toward them selves. the way they pose in pictures, or especially in this  mainstream of selfie, wefie or however they call it, i have never been good at following trend or mainstream. Now that we have not only facebook, but instagram, etc, to provide the space.

I always feel awkward with my self to be in any picture, always thinking it is not really me, and i dont like to be defined in a particular picture, it s like i am trapped. i like to think my self as flowing river, changing every time, i prefer to define my self in words not shape, words evolves as much as the mind and the growth of the spirit. I can of course force my self to fit in pictures, but i hardly like the results, they never seem to be genuine. I always fail to act as what i forced or expected my self to look like. I tend to refuse any photo moments, except that i am forced to appreciate other’s wish for photos.

But i enjoy, the way people try to picture them selves in photos, it is the implementation of the ideas of who they believe they are or will be perceived. But sometimes annoyed at how obsessed people to look good in the pictures.





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