Ro ( one emotion at one time)


She was the second shadow I saw when I was high that day, standing facing the ocean, fading black figure. The light from the fancy club was behind us, highlighting the waves that gradually slowing down to our vision.

She was hurting, for the cause she knew all too well. It was the old wound that was taking the place happening at that present time. She was hurting for the laughter behind us. She was hurting for denying the deep emotion that struck her once more and yet she let it slipped again. She was hurting that she resist to fall down to her knees and cry. She thought she would know enough how to be vulnerable, but she was wrong. I told her so.

The third fading grey shadow stayed still as I did, just facing the ocean. The white bubble of breaking wave gradually become white sketchy line to our vision.
My wet cold body from swimming the night ocean starting to get warm under my jacket, I wanted to take three of us for a long walk, but my feet buried deep in the wet sand and I was hesitating to leave, hesitating to let the laughter last longer, I wanted to interrupt cuz it was hurting.

Carrying the ache I decided to hide my shadows and came back to where the guy and the other girl sitting and giggling. Lied there and watched the sky and stars and the Mars, the pain lied flat on my back, I forgot about it for sometimes.


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