Day 93 – caffeine 

2.01 am, got woken up, cant go back to sleep, my heart is drumming loud, maybe its the caffeine i had this afternoon. Night time thoughts keep popping out like series of bubbles in freezing air, none of them worth keeping really, just the result of unanswered pre-visions. The rain outside silence down howling dogs but not my drumming heart, this bloody caffeine. I hope the morning light will fade the filthy night thoughts away, soon. 

Day 91 – what then? 

I was there on the tip of one the big rocks, on my left was the big stream of waterfall and on the other side was him swimming in the pool under the stream. Slightly i had a thought of doing what people these days love doing : selfie. But another thought hit me : what for? What would you do with it then? Post it on facebook? It will be soon forgotten anyway, it will be soon just one piece in thousands collage after collage that you would loose track. Isn’t every moment just another fraction?

No! It is not pointless! But i just decided to pick the things i know it will stay in my mind a little bit longer. Things that matter the most, being present from tiime to time.  When at the end, there would be just i and my self, and it is more about the journey than the destination.