Day 89 – i belong to the moon


layers of reality he wrote ( while i woke up this morning, separating fragments in my mind, put back what belongs to dream realities and picked up what help me function in real world; the dress i am hanging to put on for my business meeting, my laptop, this is who i am here now and later. Just like almost every morning i have the same routine, separating fragments peeling the layers of realities. I suppose i have my auto pilot working quite well. I can easily set my self into particular mode; a working woman doing her best to get the job done for better living; to be able to travel far, buying books and artworks, helping her nieces with better institutional education, all that and other petty things, for the day; a nerd girl who is being anti social for the night (at times). I guess i am done questioning who i really am when all i can do is decide with all the limitation to decide of what i want to be. i am not about to summarize, it still is a journey.


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