Day 81 – and us

These are the days when there is nothing but peace that is going on in my universe within. Just us watching the world, really. There would be some hard wind blows from the outside once and twice, it causes ripples, but we just breathe them thru. One of us would ask ,”are we lame, really? those people look so full of fun and lively, party, tripping, seeking whatever…. and us…we just sit here and watch.” But, sitting on the rainbow with our feet hanging over the glimmering ocean , what would be nicer than that, away from rushing hushing noises of Life, they call it. “Lets enjoy this luxury, being able to live within our own pace, trusting time for whatever will unfold. This luxury to be able to choose to do what we want to do”. So, we toast on the rainbow with our feet hanging on the glimmering ocean.




Day 80 Рwill you see me? Really see me? 

Far back thru my eyes , deeper into my voice when i do not say anything at all? That i am not made of iron? That i am strong but it takes my whole strength to be my own pillar of aching heart? Yes, that my heart can ache? That i love the rain to always hide my cry?

Day 79 – flawless

Why it feels so wrong to be so perfect? Pretty face bearing age with no shame, tender heart beats redeemed by firm breasts, gesture in the mirror appealing to those who seeks for skin deep beauty, genuine complexity of the mind comes with resilience spirit, do everything right and noble, hate comes easily with forgiveness, dream by extracting gravity, everything is right and noble but why it feels so wrong to be so perfect?