A dream land – when all the expectations collapse (Hoi An-Vietnam)

In that morning, after the sex by the new roommate in the dorm happened, then i couldnt find my rented bike, thought it was stolen. I walked by the market fixing my dissapointments. I even lost my desire to take pictures, taking my dslr camera but had no willing to use it. 

After the broken expectation of meeting a friend and the hope to travel together a bit in Hanoi didnt work out ( that then i was hosted by a vietnamesse girl i knew from CS) . Then the evening walk to the so called Ancient Town, the hightlight of the city, turned out to b just a lane with shops, and the other side the bridge were just bars and restaurants. Then the bad dorm experience. Seeing bunch of young tourist acting like they are part of the cool kids to be able to get drunk and wasted in foreign land, abusing the local values. After such a highly recomendation from most people i know, Hoi An became the unpleasant part of my trip. 

The market was fine, i ve seen the same thing in my own country. The prices are not as cheap as my friends excitedly describing. 

There is nothing wrong with the place, i know. I may be just traveling in changed time zone, different era. I should not even build any expectations at all. 

And that point, i decided to buy my self some flowers, a prize being there and for Thomas, one of my dorm mates who showed me around had a fun conversation and without him i might come to hate Hoi An. 

Hanoi and Hoi An turned to a better place because of people that i met and spend time with. 


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