A dream land -traveling, a frantic running? 

I had to deal with a dilema today, deciding whether i should leave the city earlier than i thought i would stay for, to join a trip package to some famous caves. I have the time, pretty tight tho, but i have the time. 

Overheard the chats on breakfast tables from other tourist bout the cave, looked at the pictures on the tour banners. It did look pretty tempting. 

But sitting here watching the rain outside, having yummy iced milk coffee after an hour bike ride and 2 hours in the sea ( the chair lady on the beach wondered where we had gone for so long, while we were just in the water) with a stranger i met sharing the room with 4 other people, having conversation bout random stuffs; i thought “Naaah! I can do without cave”. 

I just arrived, and i still want to really take my time absorbing everything presents at the moment, rather than rushing taking one bus to another for a cave. I am sure it will be so much fun and good experience, but i dont want to get caught up busy checking things i have done and regreting ones i have not done. 

Call me old for avoiding the buzz. 


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