A dream land – Hue (Vietnam) 

Got to make the stop in this city before  continue the bus ride to Hoi An. After about 13 hours in a sleeping bus, we were asked to go out of the bus to change bus, but next one would b at 1 pm. 

We got hassled by the local guys at the bus station. The lady from the travel agent didnt do much help. I ended up going with one of the guys on his bike to get to the travel office. This was when the rip off become a bit hostile as the guy asked for more money and stared at my wallet. Told him back that the money is for the next city. He hissed and left me to hassle the othe people. I was among two group of people, one group of Taiwanesse and the other group of French, both speak equally poor english as the vietnamesse. So i suppose i did better than them. 

It was because i picked the wrong travel agent when i was in Hanoi. There is one famous travel agent got famous then all travel agent use the name even fake the address in the same street. So…well. 

After noodle breakfast and a glass of iced milk coffee and a stroll by the river, AND COLD SHOWER. I am feeling back on track.  



One comment on “A dream land – Hue (Vietnam) 

  1. kelanakecil says:

    Haaaa really fake travel agent? uhh. Save trip sista!

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