A dream land – Hanoi (Vietnam) 

My host, Vincy, is at work so i took her bike to go around and book my bus ticket for the next city Hoi An. And she said “Remember! Right side!” Indonesia works on left side. 

I knew it s going to be an amazing experience, surviving Vietnam traffic. And it is indeed. Rode my bike among random traffic. Things are people here generally dont bother use their blinker nor stop when the traffic light says red, and they just love honking. The wonder happens mostly on the intersection, bikes and cars just come from everywhere going everywhere. Saw an old guy riding bicycle while talking on his mobile phone in the traffic. 

Had a great girls night out last, snacking the shell fish, eating almost baby bird, the girls were gosipping in vietnamesse, i have no clue whatsoever but listening to them was like listening a beautiful chirping birds that kept reminding me i am in a foreign land, a country i had dreamt of to visit, and i am here, feeling so content. 

Got lost on a tiny island with my host and her friends tried to discover a nude beach, ended up walking inside the heat (37-38 C) for 3 hours, hoped on small dodgy boat to cross the river, stole some fruits for lil energy, yet didnt find the beach. Walked pass some local ladies who happily smiled at us and said something in Vietnamesse that my friend said : they wonder why we smiling at them. I realized later that i have been smiling too all the time. Couldnt help it. I am happy. 

But there is more to explore. 


4 comments on “A dream land – Hanoi (Vietnam) 

  1. kelanakecil says:

    I just knew that we drive in the right side there. I thought its the same like in Thailand.

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