day 46 – the fuss

11 days away from my last post, trying not to put so much pressure on my self to work on something, but the pressure is still here, the habit to let my self being dragged by thoughts stream, to be swirled and smashed, is something i can not yet change. i feel a lil beauty in doing that tho, letting my self sink into flow, felt beaten up and stood up or tried to stand back up. without really knowing why i am doing what i am doing. i blame it to my nature.

but i am giving up….just let things be….without question…..when my thoughts wont matter…..

shifting back into the darkest corner in my universe…defragging….



2 comments on “day 46 – the fuss

  1. what a dynamic piece of writing. i really enjoyed it. thank you for sharing. i feel compelled to ‘de-frag’ myself now. 🙂

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