Day 53 – Like

water and oil stuck in one bowl and cant never dissolve into each other

and there forever.

That is how i am feeling



Day 52 РNot letting it spiral 

It s like it was yesterday, caught up in the swirl. False beat pulsating with no core. Recognition put the end of it. Should not stay in comfort for long, i need to take the leap back in the swirl. That s where i pick up the broken pieces and learn soothing the wounds, and write. 

Day 50 – under the morning sun

“it s the journey, so be patient and pay attention”, i keep telling my self that, everytime i feel like loosing direction. I seem to have this clarity inside my mind of where i m going and what i want to achieve. Of course it s an abstract place, if it s even a place. All i can see it s just there, at the furthest point of my inner universe. But i can see its reflection on the sun, the moon, the horizon beyond the sea, the stars, beyond everyone’s silent lonely souls. It s there! The morning sun just convinced me that.