Day 45 – lost as a fraction 

He wants a rose

I am a petal with hundreds cracks

I am one leaf

He is a breeze wants to dance with the tree

Standing in the crowd, denied

the unnecessary thread in a blanket

just another rock, adored then stomped back to the sea


Day 44 – A dream

Thru my silence i am paving my way to fade. They will never notice that i have gone from their lives gradually like clouds. They will mention my name as if it is a dream, a dejavu they can not recollect. But i hope the stars remember my lullabies, the wind keeps the taste of my kisses, the sea holds my deepest secrets. 


Day 43- an addiction

i read his words on hundreds repetition. Allow them to crawl in and rip my mind bit by bit, while my heart sucking in his darkness. The paradox gives me a bliss that i look for. He calls him self a plague. But i want to have what he has. I m done with my own fight, his sadness is my remedy and his hollow is where i want to go. No body has the will to pull my hand out, i give up the light. I will give away to cold. 

So i will keep reading his words on hundreds repetition and let them lead the way to a complete lonely madness.  


Day 42 – Denials

why does it have to be so rough? why does it have to be so dark or blind white? i want to be the process not the result. i want to be the journey not the destination. but we are all the creatures of definitions. we are all what we perceived we are, we are just perspectives taking shapes. and i just have to have a name.


Day 40 – in the distance

i know she s there , watching me with her deepest concern. I can feel her urge to hold my hand and convince me once more as she always does so many years that we will b fine. I can hear her whisper “you are being brave! It is not a mistake!” , ” breathe! You are doing great!

In the distance, i know we are always there.