Day 35 – Tangled

I was once promised by the voice inside me that there will be a savanna with blue mountain and emerald sky. i believed in the promise therefore i keep living.

Once and some more times, people that i met to bid good bye would wish that i would find what i am looking for. So i kept looking, without exactly knowing what i am actually looking for, but those people wished me good luck for it.

Some other time some other people would say i should not do certain things because it was proven it hurt me. So i stopped doing them.

Once and some more times, i found some beautiful lines in books, songs, other people’s speech that reflects my feelings and who i was. So i kept the words  in mind referred my life to it.

Once and so many times, tho, i found my self stumbled by the thoughts, i thought i was on the right path shaping the right self wearing the right definition, but was i really?

But i did and still do believe in the promise, so i shall follow the voice.



One comment on “Day 35 – Tangled

  1. vinth says:

    Its lovely

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