Day 31 – Damn it

How long have i been stuck in this familiarity that i keep failing to twist each detail so i can write something exciting, intriguing, interesting behind them? My life can not be this boring? This has become too easy, or have i been too arrogant thinking i have understood all the answer? This is too familiar, this has become a non fictional that i even am not interested to spill out on to my blank page.

Nooo! I am not saying i am giving up. My brain just needs to deal with repetition of events and turn it into something different each time. My brain needs to practice to bend, distort, and bend.



5 comments on “Day 31 – Damn it

  1. Henry Game says:

    Exceptionally honest of you. Best of luck on your quest for the intriguing

    • sitateofani says:

      Thank you 😊
      I might absorb the vibe from your work, to initiate the spark of being intriguing.

      • Henry Game says:

        I hope you can be inspired. Not sure you really need any, your work is already of a high standard.
        Did you manage to go back to the bigging of this current series?
        Starting at Pastures New??

        • sitateofani says:

          Oh! Thank you again. That boost my self confidence.
          I just finished Little Girl, i hope i m on the right track. But even if i m bit lost, i m enjoying every piece of your work, there are always lines that makes smile and think “damn, what an expression. I wish i wrote that first”. Like your line ” my mind keep buzzing like circuit cut….” I m sorry i cant recite it properly.

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