Day 13 – Cheese cake or Surf board (a confession of a procrastinator)

To take the first move of a change is not easy, and maintain the commitment of the chosen path is even harder. I know i have made so many decisions of what i should do to expand or be a better person or just move to a different level or at least add up my skill or strengthen what i can be really good at. I used to think it is a matter of opportunities, give me a perfect chance exactly as i picture it then i know i will boost like a rocket. But tests come for the will to really boost like a rocket. Opportunity did come and go, never as exactly as i picture it, but i took every each of them anyway. One step at a time i keep telling my self. I drop the whole idea of changing now and then, letting my self being dragged doing other things, and telling my self i can always go back to it later, only to see that i should have stayed and stick to what i am doing, ,…….damn it! But life can get so boring if i did not let my self slipping away from what i aim, Yeeaahhh! that is just another excuse! Good one!

I forgot since when i started to tell my self that i should at least do or master new thing every year. Last year, i gave a try to surf, then i found that it is a very exciting thing to do and i want to be able to be good at it, but i dropped it from the list, the surf board is too expensive to afford, just like many other things i really want to do. But the price of one good cheese cake is almost as much as renting a surf board for an hour or two. If i can afford cheese cake at least once in 2 weeks, i should be able to afford renting surf board at least once in 2 weeks. I think i will stick to Yoga, for now, free lesson from my friend. Yeah! It is decided!


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