Day 5 – Distraction

Or rather excuses for not writing on time. I am a day late for this post. Had a busy day that kept me away from computer or any tool that allow me to write then post.

Started the day really early to go surfing,  a great chance I don’t want to miss as I have a surfer around and willing to go together. It was good to boost my almost dies interest to surf. We went to the beach where I surfed for the last time sometimes last year, so there I started it again. It was good thing to start the day. I caught few waves just to realize that I forgot how to stand with good balance on the board, that I kept stumbling and fell. To be able to surf has surprisingly put so much pressure on me, I don’t know why.  I am good at sport, I can master many sport easily, but surfing is a completely different challenge. But I will get there.

Overall, it was really good to be back catching some waves.


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