Day 15 – Man up

you might wish your body would just melt away and slip into the core of the earth, and you will be no more. you might re-live what had long gone, over and over, hoping to find one tiny flaw where you can put the blame, but everything was so perfect. so perfect that you just have to blame life for throwing you to the mud and drown and you there. the choice is yours to let your self drowning even deeper or you can just keep paddling your way up to the surface then dry land. it is your call to play victim and self pity or just fight your way back. “It’s not always rainbow and butterflies”. healing-a-broken-heart


Day 14 – You

you can never escape! never! not from your self! so you shoul better start accepting the fact, and befriended with. Why would you want to run away from your self anyway? because she a is living reminder of your mistakes by making one stupid decision to another? but hey! you are still here, safe and sane! She knows when you bragging with lies and she never complained. She is there when you are alone and down, and tireless telling you that things will be fine, and she is right, you are fine! She encourages you to move your ass when you are lazy! She knows you way better than you know her, treat her well! Let her shine through you! At the end, she is the only thing you can count on! treat her well! 6879546787_5c9c51bb7c_z

Day 13 – Cheese cake or Surf board (a confession of a procrastinator)

To take the first move of a change is not easy, and maintain the commitment of the chosen path is even harder. I know i have made so many decisions of what i should do to expand or be a better person or just move to a different level or at least add up my skill or strengthen what i can be really good at. I used to think it is a matter of opportunities, give me a perfect chance exactly as i picture it then i know i will boost like a rocket. But tests come for the will to really boost like a rocket. Opportunity did come and go, never as exactly as i picture it, but i took every each of them anyway. One step at a time i keep telling my self. I drop the whole idea of changing now and then, letting my self being dragged doing other things, and telling my self i can always go back to it later, only to see that i should have stayed and stick to what i am doing, ,…….damn it! But life can get so boring if i did not let my self slipping away from what i aim, Yeeaahhh! that is just another excuse! Good one!

I forgot since when i started to tell my self that i should at least do or master new thing every year. Last year, i gave a try to surf, then i found that it is a very exciting thing to do and i want to be able to be good at it, but i dropped it from the list, the surf board is too expensive to afford, just like many other things i really want to do. But the price of one good cheese cake is almost as much as renting a surf board for an hour or two. If i can afford cheese cake at least once in 2 weeks, i should be able to afford renting surf board at least once in 2 weeks. I think i will stick to Yoga, for now, free lesson from my friend. Yeah! It is decided!

Day 10 – Ten

Do I like you?
When you laugh at me?
How can I;
When you act carelessly?

And when you swing your way ; to find my lips
How can I not?

Living your own life.
Weaving through time

To finally find you……..just there

Do I like you?
When you call me Sally?
How can I?
When you push everyone away!

My heart is always in a rush ; your heartened touch pace it down.
How can I not?

Holding onto me.
Messages every hour.

Your words are sunshine…….pleasure at the tip of my fingers

Do I like you?
When each message is hearted?
How can I;
When you poach my words?

Caring deeply for me.
Always bringing us smiles.

Do I like you?

How can I not like you?
When seeing you is the best time of the day.
With the sole promise that everything will be okay

Standing one pace away with a remedy
Knowing I would cut my self

Do I not like you? vsd_tut_simple_hearts_doodles_design(w/ Paul Freeman)