prince charming

i am his new handmaiden, carrying his mirror around, straightening his bending shadow to keep its perfect line and glow, his smile could rape the hearts out of angels, his gesture….demons would wish to posses. His words shine like gold, but i got to pick up the broken echos. He loves to dance under the spotlight, then the world would rotate around him, only his shadow would come and sit next to me. Thru the mirror he would smile back at me and i would look away. Thru the mirror i wish i can help him finding what he is looking for. Only his shadow knows me too well, with his heart shines like sapphire, fixing his own wreckage. And that s when he becomes my muse, and i am his handmaiden.



crimson wings

notice the burnt black ground under my feet? i ve set my flame again, melting the gravity chain is my sole purpose.
can u hear the crackling? i am dispersing
can you smell the ash in the air? crimson dust swirling
can you feel the heat pulse drilling underneath? i ll split the living core i am tied onto

can you see me in flame? can you see my crimson wings? i am here for far too long i am burnt.


On that particular day

The clouds spread thin as cotton on wide bright blue linen. It has been growing in her mind, she has been playing the scene over and over, added little details here and there depended on her state of feelings.
That day she wants to say the words; she has a quite strange crave for, believes to b a strong spell to open a brand new horizon where she always wants to be.
She has fear so strong that it makes her cry in silent, and that words might free her from the fear. She is scared on something that she cant even figure, or too afraid to admit if she would not say the words, but there lies some prizes.
In that particular day, she wants to say “I m leaving”, like she always plays inside her head, over and over.