he drew over my surface half realizing half hoping to touch my core. he drew his heart with the dripping blood from his cut vein. As if he knew it s a spell to move me, to bring me to life. I was moved. My core started to beat a little. And he started to pour his blood that slowly strongly pushing running through my surface and feed my core, that it beats faster and faster, greedily absorbs the life brought in by him.

what we didnt know that, i own his life now. to be free again, he will have to break me apart, as i was merely a rock he stumbled upon and fell for, and now i am a gem with his heart beating inside.


i miss home

the moon. i need to find the way back to that rainbow where i can cross and be home. i miss home, my castle in the sky with 365 rooms to explore. but the earth wont stop spinning i m losing my way. my heart is so dusty i am no longer able to see my way home. i miss home, i can hear it howling in vain. and the earth spins faster and faster. i miss dipping inside the lake where the only sound i hear is serenity and the stars are within the reach of my fingertip.