comes as strength, wraps me around, keeps me warm, protects me from ice stinging cold hearts which throwing their cold ashes, pulls me from going deeper to false mistake planted by other, stops me from falling for the wrong reasons.

Solitude                lets my flame breathe, i want to live, helps me standing back steady on my feet. And whispers ” you won this fight before. and you will win again this time” ,and soon enough i will be who i am again.




it s just another…….

“i can help you crushing all the words you throw to me into dust as you requested, but you know i can never empty you out, as you keep absorbing what time feeds you” said the silence

” i can no longer be your friend and protect you, as you have learned to bend and softened” said anger

“i can not completely cover up your memories and help you to forget when you wont let them go and forgive” said darkness

“hey! i am here! Anger said you need to get to know me better” said sadness

And i look at the girl in the mirror and smile, and she smiles back as if saying “i am with you”