a self portrait

she doesn’t doubt that she was born from a seed – the moon’s reflection on the ocean; and so she wishes her ashes to be a skin on salt-water, to finally come full circle and one day reunite with the solitary moon.

Note: the image is by Claudio Rivetti, a good friend and an artist.


to define

my love is raw and wild 

it s okay if you cant tame it

it takes an iron soul to go crossing the heart that is a hollow 

follow the sound of the lonely drum that is where i dance 

my love is fluid and fragile

it s okay if it keeps slipping thru you 

it meant to keep flowing unless you are ready to be drown to contain it

my love is life and fire 

it s not to be understood but to live within the heart of the flame 


i see the world

                               not from above         but from below

in the glassy bubble          smooth   glowing line                somehow unreachable 

i see the world       not from above          but from below

where words speak thru silence                        darkness is my air

and i see the world           from below                    away