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Macho Meditation: The Very Vedic Basics


If all of Bali were a golf course, Landeh Ashram would be a challenging green – a bald spot on a hill overlooking mountainous west – between the tallest peaks of Agung and Batukau. In April of 2013, twenty five very peculiar individuals gathered here to not talk, not party, not eat meat, not have sex, not write, not think, not be entertained in any way, not wake up after 4 a.m., not eat dinner, not kill mosquitoes, not do much but sit cross-legged and focus on internal sensations – not for less than ten days. That, in a paragraph, was my second experience of Vipassana meditation.

As a lowlander going jacket-less for months, I slipped one on as I approached the Ashram to discover a pocketed pamphlet gratuity from the funky clothing store of an expat, French-Thai designer. Below a tricolour portrait of the Dalai Lama

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on the day like this

when the sun is blistering but the wind is blowing away the heat….i am wondering how does it feel to curl on the soft white cloud? molding mini shapes to create mini universe of our own? leaving the gravity that weighing down my soul and lock it in my skull? 

on the day like this when i mix my favorite music with the chirping birds….i am wishing that the distance between the past and the present is just a water wall, i cant break it but i can always see the life at the other side. 

on the day like this….