in my solitude

i want to catch her when she falls, but she refuses my hand

i want to wipe her tears, but she refuses to weep

i want to hug her deep, but she fades every time i come near

she drifts further and further into the dark corner where the moonlight doesn’t reach

she is the shadow, but why it is me who’s sitting

gazing on her back, as she’s staring at the moon

i shut all the cavities under her command

no noises from the outside are allowed to break in

the distance we are making

i hope then…i wish then…..

she would give in and weep, so

i can wipe her tears and hug her deep,

and whisper eternal promise

“we will be okay!” Image

but she is still in the distance


3 comments on “in my solitude

  1. outstandingly beautiful

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