She reads and watches and reads more


but none reflect her shadow, so she tries to write drawing characters she assumes hers, just to convince her existence. She keeps digging as deep as her mind allows her into, the time when her hands were in his, his kiss on her lips, when she let herself to be discovered and led to meet the world….she gasp for air and dig again, over and over.

She walks and runs and falls and hides and stands to fall again, only to seek her lost reflection, she takes every shelter  she found for her weaken wounded heart, only to be able to…feel again, but only to realize that her heart has long shut.

She sits by the moonlight, holding her knees, forces her heart to cry out, so she can breathe, but no sound but the dark, and even her tears deny her shadow.

She wants to give away her heart to the lovers, but all they see just pieces of broken wings, she wants to give away the beauty she believes to have, but all they feel is the cripple twisted soul. all she gives just reasons for them to walk away, so she can weep and wishing her lost reflection to be with her, again.

How i wish i can promise you to stay holding your hands so you can be strong and loving again, but i live within the wind i must go.

How i wish i can fix your broken glasses so you can feel content again, but i am still looking for my pieces.

How i wish that my touch would make you shine your beauty again…..



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