The Feral Twins Of Pakisan, Bali


Beyond the city, island life crouches and sweats in the shade of ferns and palm fronds. Within the reclaiming forest and scribbled roadmap of Bali, there is all the enigma of a small nation. In the north western woods of Kintamani, the unlisted village of Pakisan is lost in folds of Bedugul’s many hills and ridges. At the end of one driveway, a sign reads Taman Kanak-Kanak, the little orphanage cautiously dubbed a children’s park. Yogic Nun Ibu Didi and 18-odd orphans hold a steadfast routine here, of yoga, meditation, chanting, singing, and delegating chores. Like runoff, the group came together at this spot in the valley, rescued or escaped from shacks in the surrounding area. Amongst these old souls are twin boys whom Ibu Didi calls yayang, her dearest or beloveds. Even the youngest of their peers would forgive Ibu Didi what seems like favoritism.  Having twins…

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