possesed (his words and mine)

In the morning

madness melts away,

making room, even more

creating space as

fear becomes me,

running, stumbling inside

along the panic line

i scream but


disperse the sound

into dust

i want to cry but

my eyes forgot how


in escape-

proof minefields

fallen prayers form

blinding tears,

tear me on

my knees, tear

my soul out,

hurt, the fury in,


no exit

i should have burst

into pieces but

my soul refuse to

give in

No laughter

except for the

scornful longing

for it

to stuff it down

your throat,

within this walls

it’s safe to be


slightly deranged,


emotionally broke,

erased and


distance and proximity

like love and hate,

no more longing

except for the pure


and i wish

that i can go back


inside womb


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