(his) Dance & Write

He dances with her when
he is writing poems
on his rainbow
her happy feet bounce
bounce beaming out
colours to
cross the safe sky
all the angels and
wandering souls to come
on him to
join to
dance po
in mo

Tap tap a b c d
the most beautiful words
grow like flowers
intimate lines rise like
soft rockets suddenly
between her feet
skipping into a
happy beat
bouncing hurling out
songs of love and care
off the rainbow floor
travelling away on wings of
drangonflies through the air

He loves to dance with her
he just can’t
get enough
of the poetic voice of angels while
with her happy fiery feet
she lights his soul for
the firecracker finales
dancing wild and wilder
spraying orange
rapt into red

He wants to dance
again write until
her words
her rhythm
blow him off
the rainbow
send him flying
caught by her
safe landing
asleep in
a happy cloud
at her feet


2 comments on “(his) Dance & Write

  1. beeseeker says:

    Wonderful! Intense! Well paced piece, thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading it: the shape adds tot he thoughts behind the words.

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