i have taken you this far

and you have wounded me this much

i have been helping you thru

i am still bleeding

i have been keeping you awake

i do hear your scream

i lead you the way

i have been walking on mostly thorns

bear with me

do i have other choice?

i am sanity

you’re too heavy to carry


8 comments on “sanity

  1. arjun bagga says:

    Joy, Joy, Joy….Sheer delight.

    • sitateofani says:

      is that a satire? cuz i wrote it out of depression =)

      • arjun bagga says:

        We tend to step away from sullen writings but I see joy in them when they are penned with self-restraint and has a touch of wry humor…
        I understand what you mean. You skipped my two poems “Stoned”, obviously.

        • sitateofani says:

          honestly, sometimes i dont know what i write, as i tend to write not for the sake of writing, but dunno, more like translating feelings and images in my head, maybe we all do that, no?
          No, i didnt skip it, i just havent quite settled with what it makes me feel…err i dont know how to say it.

          p.s how do you learn your english? i assume you are not english native

          • arjun bagga says:

            That’s how it should be. Creative writing should come abrupt not by design unless you’re into current affairs, inspirational stuff. You write good. In fact it did occur as I noticed numbered posts on your blog, you should write often or perhaps you holding them back.
            Books, movies and eventually as I wrote. I can’t claim to be well-versed but it’s coming along.

            • sitateofani says:

              i have some undone writings in my draft, i write randomly in my journal that i bring everywhere, but i still have problem to make my self sitting long and try to fence my fast flowing thoughts, and way too often those kind of thoughts come when i am riding my scooter, and by the time i sit and try to write it down, they have changed shaped. call that excuses, that i am still allowing my self to be the slave of my own mind =)

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