i have taken you this far

and you have wounded me this much

i have been helping you thru

i am still bleeding

i have been keeping you awake

i do hear your scream

i lead you the way

i have been walking on mostly thorns

bear with me

do i have other choice?

i am sanity

you’re too heavy to carry


false dream

i tried and tried

to give vivid forms to the words

but you expect the promise

that i cant make


i am here

but you keep looking up

for the falling star


i dont blame you

as i am waiting for the same star

to which

i will make the eventual wish

time to be still

at the moment when

you touched my lips


look at me, once more

as we know

time to be still

is the promise

we cant make

expectation (the other)

once in a while

in wide world of blue

i seem to find what what i’m

looking for …


the light was high

thoughts ripped the sky open

lost in redefinition of

happiness and existence

love and emptiness


like clouds playing with shapes

as if they cant really decide

what they really are

till they vapor

and become no more


wide world of blue

ancient and bored

where shadows are molded

within sun’s cape

everything is temporary



once in a while

in wide world of blue

i seem to find what i’m

looking for…


then the souls still go on

with the quest

the union

under the cover of silky moonlight

we found each other


thru one line of silence

our beings blended


the wild song of the waves

featured the dance of our words


and in rhythmic motion

all seem to fade away


as our existences collided

become one

wrapped in the silky moonlight