prisoner of own self

i hear the shout


yet i cant make the sound

out of it

my soul is bleeding

i beg for my sanity

spare me

but the shout lingers

make useless 

of my cry

the echo screech


my heart is chained




Once in a while

In this wide and wild smile

I seem to find what I’m

Looking for….


But then, these moments,

When the moon is not so far,

And these shapes are familiar,

These moments just seem

To go away…


Yes, they go away just like

These kingdoms of clay

That live in our minds,

They appear, innocent,

And vanish, silent,

As white goes back to grey…


Why is the taste of these smiles

So bitter

On the lips of the beholder?

Mais d’ou vient cette insuffisance

du reel?


Maybe smile is not enough,

Maybe smiles are too weak,

And maybe, somehow,

Kisses would taste sweeter


Once in while

In this wide and wild cry

I seem to find what I’m

Looking for…


Yes, in this primitive exhalation

In this spasm of life,

That ultimate contraction,

That ultimate release,

Yes, there something

That fills the emptiness


Smiles and kisses rise and fall,

And orgasms vanish after all,

Yet in these wide and wild cries

Something remains


Just like the apple,

As it is being consumed,

Goes back to emptiness

But still, feeds the soul

for a while


And once in a while,

In this wide and wild lie

I seem to find what I’m

Looking for…


– Philippe –

….but into its depth

i can not yet name the color

but into its depth

i stare still

* * *

locked me out

with a seducing voiceless


* * *

i am captured

into his own universe

i was lured

* * *

i could not name the color

but its depth stoned me


between promised undefined


* * *

i could not name the color

but its depth is like a gate

beautifully carved

a lifetime i would spend

tracing the lines