Meeting God at The Fish Pond

I found Him sitting at the edge of the pond teasing the fishes with a stick.

“Hey! You are here!” His short greets seeing me coming, smiling.

“Is all  that necessary? Breaking down all my walls, and making my world collapse? “ I answered with a protest, for all bad things that is taking place in my life.

“I missed you, you know! And I am happy to know that you are still human, that I intended to make , that would come closer to me thru the wounds, that would only come back to me when you need answers. I am happy you don’t run and hide”

“That hurts, what you did to me!” cant help my self weeping

I know it will hurt you, come here! Weep! I was afraid you would forget how to weep! I was afraid you would forget how to be weak and strong again!  You know I would only give you pain that you can bear.  You should start to believe that you are stronger than you think”

“How about my brother? He comes and sees you way more often than I do? Why did you do that to him?”

“He is a very good and pious man. But I was also afraid that what he has been doing would only become a routine. I missed him too. I want him to truly think and feel me in all his obedience as much as in your rebels”

He bends closer to my ears and whisper,

“I love you. For the reasons you will never know, and I will show you with the ways you will never expect. When you are down, I am surrounding  you with the strength to  go back up, when you are happy I am dancing with your singing heart. I love you, I just want you to believe that again”