“Patient,” the virtue i still learn to gain

I notice it well that i have load of energy, that being sick didnt stop me to go hiking the highest mountain in the island, even with my slowest pace. I can go motorbiking for hours to go snorkeling after 10 sets of badminton in the previous night. 

Having load of energy makes me difficult to stay idle, which we do need to just relax and reflect the day. I often struggle with the urge to move. I still can make my self to sit nicely to read, to work on my photos, or watch movies, but that mostly at bed time. As in the day time, i often deal with the urge to just run, walk, hike, swim, just go somewhere, do something that involves moving.

So, Patient, has been the greatest challenge i am dealing with, in every aspect. As it does effect me in the way i connect with people, with any situation, with my enviroment.

Maybe, it is also to do with my mind, who runs wild, greedy to experience something new all the time, as i tend to absorb things fast then it gets me bored easily.Then i would expect people to move and think as fast as my pace, which gives nothing but my own anxiety.

I do learn patient from my friends, just by being relax with them.They would instantly hold my hand, when i was about to burst in some challenging situation…yes i can be that bad! see my problem? =)

I learn patient when i take photos; as i may not be able to always make the image as perfect as it is in my head.

But i always have this urge : I want to boost like a rocket! 



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