Yogyakarta, My yogyakarta!

I dont know exactly what makes this city is so special to me. I visit this city now and then to take some break from Bali, or from any life that i am living.

Maybe, because this is where i decided to come, when the first time i had biggest doubt on what my faith or religion is about. Then i come here most of the time to find more answers, as my questions keep growing bigger and deeper.

I like its atmosphere. I like its people. I can surprisingly always feel so relax in here.

“Sahaja”, probably the closest word for it in English is “humble”, and that is the highlight that i found in this city that i love the most. People here are so humble and seem to always feel light. They take life as it comes.I found old people still on field working and never lose their smile.

I can maybe only compare Yogya to Bali, where in both places i spent so much time of my life.

In Bali, everything is about “fun”. People has all the access for that easily. If Alcohol is not satisfying enough, you can combine it with weed, or move to drugs, or just run into sex, or all of them. “Get wasted” they say. Sooner or later you would be dragged to see things they way those people do ” see man or woman as simply a potential sex buddy” instead of trying to see who they really are.

In another part of the island, some people come to find “answers”. They practice meditation, they do yoga, they eat expensive healthy food, they go to ashram to find some Gurus to tell them what they actually already have inside.

After 6 years, i still find it so difficult to find something that is real in Bali. Left alone to find real people. The local seems to keep losing their true identity, and the comer finds it as heaven to just exploit and destroy the  nature of the island.

I lived in Yogya for about 2 years before i moved to Bali. Yet, i can easily feel my ground everytime i am here. I can suddenly seem to be able to see things clearly , i can reflect at all the things i see, that i can always redirect my self.  So maybe this is just why i love this city so much. This city is my ground, where i can feel my self standing, solid.


3 comments on “Yogyakarta, My yogyakarta!

  1. khalil says:

    nice sita..keep writing..

  2. Eve says:

    check out my entry: http://sapimalas.blogspot.com/2012/01/bali-now.html
    Your words touched me so much, it inspired me to write. Cultivate the land inside you darling! It’s the richest land of all .

  3. V says:

    then came here.. we have house 😀

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